Artist-Kids Edutainment | „FiTwithYourKiD“ – Family FiTNESS GAMEs App

Join our QualityTime Edutainment for Parents+Kids with the best Acrobatic Tutorials and FiTNESS GAMEs.

As a double Daddy and professional Acrobat+Coach, we started to collect all our parenting life hacks for deep connections ❤ and playful exercises for Hero Skills.

To all the Super Parents arround the World! The early Age of our Little wonder-kids is about learning to interact with the World. We grow a deep trustful connection through physical Balance and healthy+Happy Fitness-Games. Partneracrobatics are the perfect hobby to let all human Hard+SoftSkills grow, no matter what level or age.

HOW do I balance my Family?! With our collection of Acrobatic FiTNESS Games and exercises, we are sharing our best Hero-Training with all of you great parents and your kids. J-Power from Berlin with Love!

Edutainment App -„FiTwithYourKiD“

Darf ich vorstellen, meine Hand voll J´s :

JET + JIM & JOHN + Junia + JAVAliantsina !

The Artistic-FAMILY from 1.Först Generation. Enjoy our Youtube Channel at https://goo.gl/aBGtwj
and soon subscribe to our mobile App – Fit+KiD = Artistic Family Edutainment www.FitwithYourKid.com


How to? Stay „FiTwithYourKiD“

Whenever and where ever – you can be active together and stay „FiT with Your KiD“. Our collection of video tutorials will help you to balance your Family. With our best of Artistic Fitness Games, you will grow a funtastic social connection and learn to balance a healthy strong family. 🎪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦