FreeRunner for o2 Freedom – TV in Ireland

As a professional stunt actor, I've performed thrilling stunts for years. Working at o2 World in Berlin since 2009 brings me pride. One of the most challenging stunts was a 5-meter high rigging for an o2 ad. Despite the tension in the harness, safety and precision are always prioritized. With years of experience, I execute stunts flawlessly.

Professional stunt actor

Are you looking for a fearless and highly skilled stunt actor to take your project to the next level? Look no further! As a professional stunt actor, I bring years of experience and training to every project I work on. From acrobatics to freerunning, I’m capable of executing a wide range of breathtaking stunts that are sure to leave your audience in awe.

But it’s not just about the physical abilities. As a performer, I understand the importance of communicating the emotion and intention behind each action.

I work closely with directors and choreographers to ensure that every movement serves the story and enhances the overall impact of the scene.

With a focus on safety and precision, I’m committed to delivering top-notch performances that meet the highest industry standards. So if you’re looking for a dynamic and reliable stunt actor to elevate your project, I’m the one for the job. Let’s create something truly unforgettable together!