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FIT with your KID - Acrobatic Parenting Education


How to balance my Family? -DIY-Workshop

Qualitytime for parents and Kids with our acrobatic parenting tutorials. As a double daddy I collect all our parenting life hacks for deep connections To all the Hero Parents outside! The early age of our Little wunder-kids is about learning How to move along and interact with us and the world. Long before they can make use of languages we grow a deep trustful connection through body contact and shared happy emotions. #partneracrobatics are the perfect hobby to let a human connection grow, no matter what level or age. To let your self get balanced by family and friends is a deep trust we all had when life started. With our collection of acrobatic games and exercises we will share the magical human bounding with all of you great parents and your kids 😘 from berlin with love ! Darf ich vorstellen: WE - JET Junia JOHN & JAVAlensina ! FAMILY ACROBATIC with PAPA https://goo.gl/aBGtwj
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